Merger & Acquisition

  • Aura FinCorp Ltd's Merger & Acquisition practice includes some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. Drawing on that experience, we are active across the full range of M&A advisory roles.

    They bring comprehensive product and industry knowledge and on-the-ground perspective. We advice clients in assessing and executing strategic and financial alternatives including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, spin-offs and other forms of corporate restructuring.

    • We provide both buy and sell side activity support
    • Preparation of financial model and identification of potential acquirers and sellers based on client specification
    • Identification of target and preparing an approach plan
    • Due diligence support/discussion & negotiation strategy
    • Negotiating final terms and conditions
    • Facilitating final documentation & closing

    Our network and operating model allow us to offer a seamless cross-border advisory service with a truly global perspective. We have executed transactions for clients around the globe. We bring deep sector expertise, global relationships and world class transaction experience.

    Sell-side Advisory

    Aura FinCorp Ltd design and structure the transaction, assist in negotiations and provide impartial and objective advice throughout the engagement. In distressed situations, we often recommend a dual track approach, pursuing both a sale process and a standalone restructuring.

    Aura FinCorp Ltd excels in its ability to create and maintain a robust competitive sales process to maximize value for a seller. With our ingenuity to identify and communicate the underlying value drivers in the business; our hands-on management of due diligence; and skillful negotiation, we are positioned to drive a comprehensive global marketing effort for their clients.

    Buy-side Advisory

    Aura FinCorp Ltd plans to work with works with large and midsize companies to achieve their growth objectives and gain competitive advantage through strategic acquisitions. We identify potential targets, construct comprehensive financial and integration models, develop corporate financing solutions, and negotiate on our client's behalf to a successful outcome. Whether it is a specific targeted acquisition, a management buyout, or a large-scale expansion, we scour the market for the perfect seller and devise an attractive post-acquisition capital structure. Our buy-side advisors raise capital if needed and make certain that the target fits within the buyer's strategy going forward. Aura FinCorp Ltd delivers unsurpassed bidding advice and valuation services to our clients. In cases of distressed acquisitions, we have the unique ability to assist potential acquirers in negotiating with creditors of the company.