Private Equity

  • Aura FinCorp Limited provides capital raising consulting services to private equity fund managers. Through our relationships with various institutional investors worldwide, Aura Fincorp Ltd has the ability to be an asset to private equity firms and their fund managers that are positioning themselves to raise capital for a new or existing fund.

    Our range of services in private equity is directed towards raising private equity and venture capital for clients from appropriate funding agencies

    We help ensure proper structuring and presentation of the deal, establish the viability of the business model, approach and negotiate with the private equity players to obtain the best possible deal

    From industry specific private equity funds to buyout funds, Aura FinCorp Ltd has the ability to align the right institutional investor(s) with the right private equity fund(s) to ensure a solid relationship. We provide our private equity clients with key insights on how to effectively market their funds and execute on their placement efforts.

    We can also assist them in creating a comprehensive plan that may allow them to meet or exceed their capital raising expectations.